Due to changes in internal storage subsystem starting from version 1.0beta2, you will lose your configured field security schemes after upgrading from 1.0beta1 to 1.0beta2.
If you want your security schemes converted to new format, please archive $JIRA_HOME/jfs/neo.db folder and send it to support@quisapps.com.
We apologize for inconvenience.


In version 1.0beta2 we removed all known limitations for 1.0beta1:

  • JIRA 4.1 is supported;
  • XML-RPC is supported;
  • Project Lead and Project Role conditions work for Issue Create screen;
  • Added UI action for updating issue change history records which were made before the JFS plugin is installed.

Beta period for the plugin will continue for two weeks, starting 21-Jun-2010.

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