JFS Plugin should be correctly installed and activated with either evaluation or commercial license. Check JFS Installation&Upgrade Guide before continuing.

Create a Field Security Scheme

  1. Navigate to JIRA Administration → Addons Field Security Field Security Schemes;
  2. Fill in the new scheme name and optionally description, and press the 'Add' button.

The new scheme will appear in the list.

Configure a Field Security Scheme

  1. Click 'Configure' link in the 'Operations' column;
  2. Select the field from the drop-down list and click the 'Add' button;
  3. The field will be added to the scheme; by default, it will have 'Everyone Allow' condition, which means the field has no restrictions;
  4. Click 'Add Rule...' link for the field and select desired condition and its parameters; then click the 'Create' button.

Rules are executed one by one in the order shown in the list. The first matched rule is applied to the field.

You can change the order of rules in the chain by clicking 'Move Up' and 'Move Down' links.


Assign the Scheme to the Project

  1. Navigate to the project configuration page;
  2. Click 'Set Field Security Scheme' link and select the scheme in the dialog, then click 'Update' button.

Now your fields in this project are secured.

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